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A story of tradition

Sateiokwen Bucktooth Winter Headshot

Meet Sateiokwen

Sateiokwen Bucktooth, founder and owner of Snipe Clan Botanicals, is from the Kanien’keháka Territory of Ahkwesáhsne (also known as Akwesasne). Akwesasne is a vibrant community of Mohawk families located along the mainland and islands of the St. Lawrence River.  It is divided by the international border of the United States and Canada, juxtaposed by New York State, and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

As a youth, Sateiokwen attended the Ahkwesásne Freedom School (AFS), which focuses on a Mohawk language immersion environment. While attending AFS, students begin learning about their history and traditions while taking pride in all areas of being Mohawk. Although this was just the beginning of Sateiokwen’s journey, it is what first sparked an interest in efforts of preserving her language, culture, and identity.   

After completing secondary education, Sateiokwen received the Haudenosaunee Promise Scholarship and attended Syracuse University where she graduated with a B.S in Communications and Rhetorical Studies with a Minor in Native American Studies.

Following her undergraduate studies, Sateiokwen completed a four-year apprenticeship through the Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program (also known as Á:se Tsi Tewá:ton—make it new again). This program was based on traditional, land-based, and cultural practices and Sateiokwen specialized in the area of Traditional Medicine and Healing.  

After the completion of her apprenticeship, Sateiokwen recognized that her newfound area of expertise was her calling, needed in the community, and necessary to pass on to future generations, and, as they say, “the rest is history.”  Snipe Clan Botanicals was officially born in 2018 – a business of bringing people and plants back together.

What We Offer

There are many ways in which plants can help with our overall quality of life. From beauty to medicinal, plants have a way of gently getting people back to where they need to be. Snipe Clan Botanicals believes in making these options for our health easy to access.

In addition to providing products that are made with locally grown and harvested plant medicines, Snipe Clan Botanicals also provides hands-on, educational workshops for those who want to learn how to identify, harvest, and utilize our traditional plant medicines. Snipe Clan Botanicals provides the tools and knowledge and will incorporate the Mohawk Language into the learning process.

Workshops held in the past include Medicine Walks, Salve-making, and Tea-making.

Tray of products - Herbal Teas, Salves, Floral Bath Epsom Salts, Eyelash Serum, Lip Balm, Hair Serum, Flowers, Tea Pot

More About Snipe Clan Botanicals

In 2018, Snipe Clan Botanicals won the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Award through the Akwesasne Business Excellence Awards.

Sateiokwen Bucktooth, owner and founder of Snipe Botanicals, is a Traditional Ecological Knowledge consultant for the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Environment Division – currently focusing on the Grasse River Superfund site.

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